Wednesday, July 21, 2010

If Homosexuality Was A Disease...

If Homosexuality is a disease then let's call in "queer" to work: "Hello. Nope, can't work today. Still queer." - Robin Tyler

That's frustrates me - the epitome of southern mentality is that homosexuality is a disease. Are you freaking kidding me? So there is no way possible that I was born with some sort of predisposition, that a chemical imbalance or a lack of sufficient hormones couldn't have caused me to be attracted to men? Better yet, you don't think that I could have been made this way?

No. The dumbass, shallow-minded bigots like to assume that I'm disease-laden and that I must seek immediate help in order to turn from this shameful lifestyle. Don't you believe that I've tried to be "straight" - simply out of fear, not because I truly wanted to do so. I am happy with the person that I am and if you can't be happy with who I am, then I don't need you.

Another statement that sends me into an absolute rage is that I will contract AIDS simply because I am gay. Fuck you, mister shallow-minded bastard. AIDS is more common amongst middle age women at the present and I am not some sort of slut. Just because the stereotypical "gay scene" is some sort of fuckfest at a gay club, doesn't mean that I fall into that category. I still have my faith, my morals, and my standards (not implying that anyone else's standards are low/immoral) and I am safe. Yes, I've been tested to gain a sense of security. Yes, I've had sex... get over it. I was in a commited relationship for a decent amount of time and there was sexual intercorse. Both me and my partner submitted to an HIV/AIDS test to ensure to one another that we were safe and clean. Further protective measures were still made (aka: a condom was worn.)

I'm sure you could care less about all of this, but my point is that I'm not disease-ridden, I'm not going to die of aids simply because I'm gay, and I'm not some shameful person that deserves to be shunned from society simply because of my orientation.

Yes, I am gay... but I have a decent singing voice.
Yes, I am gay... but I'm a great photographer.
Yes, I am gay... but I'm very artistic.
Yes, I am gay... but I'm a fantastic writer.
Yes, I am gay... but I'm a wonderful friend.
Yes, I am gay... but I'm intelligent.
Yes, I am gay... but I'm successful and determined.
Yes, I am gay... but I'm still me; I am Chris.

Being gay isn't all of who I am. It's a small component that makes up "Chris." There are many other aspects of who I am and I don't want to be defined solely by my sexual orientation.

Don't introduce me as "Chris, your gay friend." Maybe introduce me as "Chris, your friend who wants to be a journalist."

Don't continue to point out that I'm gay. Trust me, I know that I'm gay.

When you look at me, look at me as "Chris." Nothing else should matter.

Okay, enough ranting for one afternoon. I just ask and pray that all of you please consider what I've had to say. This doesn't just apply to me, I assure you. Most gay guys would agree that being identified simply as "gay" is hurtful. Think about it before you do it. Please.

Be kind to yourself and others.

This above all: to thine own self be true.

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