Saturday, November 27, 2010

2010: A Reflection

Hey girl, hey! I know it's been forever since I've written anything here - but lately I've been dying to write a new blog. I want to continue to keep it updated; I need all of the practice with writing that I can receive. So, with no further ado - 2010: A Reflection.

With 2011 on the nigh on the horizon, it only seems fitting to reflect over the events of the last year...

This past year has been one of many trials, losses, and victories. I celebrated the birth of 2010 at a New Year's Eve party surrounded by people that I - at the time - held dear to me; a group of people whom I seemed to fit in with, who loved me, who wanted me. At the "exeunt" of this year, I no longer associate with many of them. Friends who found out that I was something that they perceived to be vile, wrong, and unforgivable.

The day that my sexuality was discovered by the masses was a day of very mixed emotions. I wanted to deny who I was again simply to keep those people in my life - to abstain from their judgments, their hurtful words, their shameful looks - and to keep life as it was. Conversely it was a moment of liberation. Following that time in my life, I've been able to move out of my house, get an apartment, and sustain myself; all the while being able to be who I am - to be "Chris" (Or Kris™ - as you will see my name written most.)

Where much has been lost - much has been gained. New friends that I would never seek to replace, new experiences that I will never regret, and a new look on life that will take me far.

I've also learned a lot about myself. Things I don't like - things that completely disgust me about myself. Flipside: I've learned things about myself that I love - things that I'm proud of - and I know that with a little bit of effort I will be successful in everything that I attempt. If I could only stop slacking off. (No Bueno)

Kris™: End of 2010

Chris: Beginning of 2010

Things I want to accomplish in 2011:
  1. Get my own car.
  2. Move to a 4+ year University
  3. Become financially secure (savings, etc.)
  4. Lose weight (70 lbs)
  5. Visit California (again)
  6. New York City ('nuff said)
  7. Have something published
  8. Raise my GPA
  9. Work at Starbucks (I just do!)
  10. Develop a new style