Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Life, Rants, Etc.

Alas, it is only Wednesday however this has been one of the longest (and hardest) weeks to endure.

Lately, I've learned a lot about my life and what I'm doing with my life: what is my purpose, where am I heading, what do I believe? Before I moved out on my own and really came out of the closet, I was deeply rooted within my faith and my church. Since moving, I've not lost my faith but in a sense I've been spiritually dead. I don't want that.

Why do I always seem to think it's impossible to be both me (Kris, gay, etc.) and a Christian. That's not impossible - in fact - it's completely possible. As of late I've found myself growing in my faith again and regaining what it is that I've lost - and let me be the first to say that not only do I miss it, but I am so much happier, even in this time.

This week a very close friend of mine from early childhood took her life. This devastating moment has really helped me to grasp the idea that tomorrow isn't promised and that I'm here now - and need to make the best of it. Not only that, but I need to take advantage of the opportunities that I have to be there for someone else, and not to let any moment slip away from me. I'm serious, this week has been quite the revelation week for my life.



I've been slowly falling into a pattern of "I'll do it later" or "I'll do it tomorrow"... and this includes my school work. I'm a week behind. Someone slap me. I've been bad. Heh. Wow. I'm not a whore. I swear.

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