Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Rain Rain Go Away, That's What All My Haters Say!

Oh my!

Well, damn. It's been a while - I'm such a slacker! Life has been hurling a fuck-ton of mind-fucks as of late and I just can't seem to get the time to sit and enjoy writing to all of my loves here in my abyss.

Recently I've been doing a lot of thinking about decisions that I have made and those that I have to make - and my overall direction. I do a lot of this sort of reflective shit, I know, but it really helps me to figure my way around this crazy world.

First of all, I have to say that this time of the year seems like "breeding season" or something. Mostly everyone I know is presently in a state of constant "arousal". What the hell, guys. Horny bastards. I know we all have our moments, but everyone is horny and ready to fuck. This may sound silly, but it's a lot more common right now than usual. I think it's that Post-Holiday, cuddling weather, stressed-because-classes-just-started sort of horny, though.

Oh! So, I'm officially done with working at Spencer's and though I absolutely enjoyed it, I'm glad I'm getting more hours at The Body Shop! I love my bosses and co-workers and the atmosphere is phenomenal - not to mention the products have really improved the overall condition of my skin! I mean, sure I say that at work, but off-the-record: This stuff really works! I love how my skin has cleared up and is always glowing and soft! Oh, and of course I love leaving work and smelling so delicious; but trust me when I say that those scents can be overwhelming which doesn't mix well with my migraines. Bleh. But so far I have only wonderful things to say about my employment at The Body Shop.

As mentioned earlier, I have been doing a decent amount of thinking... I have finally decided that I am not allowing myself to move back to the part of my life that was nearest hell as possible: Starke, Florida. That's just not going to happen! There is a cute 1/1 Apartment that is $350 dollars a month that I'm more than inclined to sign a lease for - it would be perfect! I just can't seem to make myself go back to Starke. There's no way I could put myself through all of that bullshit once again!

I keep thinking that one day I will get my turn, but the more shit happens, the more discouraged I become. Oh well - I really don't have much time to keep blogging, but there's so much more I want to discuss. For the next three days, I will blog until my fingers fall... about everything! Ah, so many things to share!

Much love, everyone!


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  1. I'm super glad that your not going back to Starke!! Living by yourself is wonderful!! Plus I can come sleep on your couch when I'm in town. :P It always helps to have a job that you enjoy. And I hope that the other things that have been bothering you, start to look better.
    Loves You So MUCH!!! Your Katherine