Saturday, January 1, 2011

1/1/11 - Really?

Incoherency. Tequila.

Need I say more?

As 2011 approached I spent a decent amount of time reflecting over 2010 and my goals for 2011 - and I came to a scary realization: my goals this year are strikingly similar to my goals last year. It seems to me that we are always achieving a goal - and still seeking to improve it and continue to grow within that goal. Many of my goals last year (if I stop and think for a minute) I have accomplished and achieved; so why are so many of my goals the same?

As we achieve something, we don't always get the same result or gratification that we expect - or if you're just an over achiever like many of my friends (including myself) - it is expected that once a goal is achieved you continue to expound upon it.

Also, it really makes me "SMH" (shake my head) at how many statuses (that is the plural, right?) were about weight loss and exercising because it never seems to happen. Why do we wait until the first of the year to worry about getting in to shape and taking care of ourselves - when inevitably we're going to screw it up anyways. But I would like to take this time to announce that in August I set a goal for myself to lose 50lbs by Christmas. On Dec. 25th at 8:00am I recorded a loss of 49lbs. *cheers and confetti*

I feel quite accomplished with that loss - and now my goal is to lose 80lbs more in 2011.

Oh, so school starts back on Wednesday and I'm taking my classes online. Why? To try and optimize my hours available at work. $380 dollars for rent and money for other bills and money for "living expenses" is hard to earn and save. Save. SAVE.

Such a taunting little bitch of a word, isn't it?

So, I apologize for this mindless banter. One of my goals for 2011 is to make my blog much more interesting complete with all sorts of projects and posts, etc.

For now, enjoy your night and Happy New Years!



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  1. Everything you said is true, but I think alot of the time people make the same resolutions because they don't actually accoplism them the year before. We all can't be like you. :P