Monday, August 2, 2010

Never Underestimate...

Never underestimate the pain of a person because the truth is that everyone is struggling. Some people hide it better than others.

So, I'm back and officially living the the G-ville. (Gainesville, for all of you non-Floridians or non-locals that don't know what "G-ville" refers to.)

I couldn't love it more here. I have an amazing room mate (Megan) whom I love dearly. She's beyond amazing, that's for sure. I'm working on getting a job, so everyone keep me in your thoughts and prayers! Also, my dad and I seem to be somewhat getting along - so this is definitely a plus!

On the contrary, I'm missing California like a bitch. I miss the weather, the people, and everything else there is to miss. It's so orgasmically amazing. So this weekend I had a dinner date with a friend with whom I've not seen in quite some time and was hoping to have a nice evening of "catching up" and other mindless gib-gab. Instead, we had a conversation (or "heated debate") about how Homosexuality is like alcoholism or a disease similar to this. Why must it be considered a disease, damn it? Is it not fucking possible that I simply am attracted to guys? Not addicted to or obsessed with - but truly attracted to and love men. Shit!

Needless to say, our evening was ruined and ended with us not talking as we finished our meals followed by each of us paying and going our separate ways. This may sound silly but after being told that I was diseased and that this person wasn't going to associate with a homosexual because it could make them look bad, I wasn't about to even attempt to salvage what was left of our night.

Oh, so I will say that it is nice to be in a location where I don't feel like I'm being judged with every passerby. It is a very freeing thing to know that I can be myself and comfortable with who I am. As a good friend and former teacher of mine put it "There are places, believe it or not, where people don't give a damn about who you are sleeping with!"

Nicely put, friend. Kudos to you!

Well, now to continue my random letters project (See Blog: Shake ya Tailfeathers)

Day 9:

Dear amazing cousin from Portland/Crescent City (Alexandra),

How the hell did I visit so many times and still have yet to meet you? Are the forces of the universe working against us, because damn it, I want to meet you. We have amazing conversation and I absolutely adore you but it is beyond time to hang out with you! I hope you work everything out with everything going on in your crazy world. You know I love you, cousin! Eh... hope to meet you? Haha. *awkward*

Love ya, ho!


Well, until next time...
Be kind to yourself and Others!

This above all: To thine own self be true

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