Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A chair is still a chair...

Laughter (n): When a smile has an orgasm

*Le Sigh*

Why do I love the idea of "love" so fucking much? Why do I insist on thinking that I will find true love at such an early age in life, neglecting to really enjoy my youth? It's very abusive to ones mind and soul - and doesn't really allow for one to enjoy much. It creates a false sense of ineptness (if that's a word) and insufficiency - not a great feeling, especially when one suffers with low self-esteem already! Damn it. Why do I want "love" - why now? I don't need it now and thus shouldn't want it now, but damn it, I couldn't want it more! Why? Because for some short period of time I had it - but that was ripped away from me - stupid bitch. But I'm definitely not getting into that conversation any time soon.

Well - today was good none the less. I got to hang out with my bestie, Sarah! She's the greatest. Geez, I love her. If I were straight... hell, shouldn't even go there because that's not happening any time soon (ever!) Now I'm just chilling with the roomie, Megan, at Starbucks and drinking a Passion Tea Lemonade. I love her too, Megan, she's amazing!

I'm not going to write a letter at the moment because I'm still working on it - it's a tough one for me to write and get's a little personal. So until next time, friends, be kind to yourself and others.

This above all: to thine own self be true!

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